1. A student from Tata Boys School, Bilimora who was suffering from cancer was given generous financial help by the school for his treatment.
  2. On 4th May 2011, the school visited Assissi Bhavan, Goregaon as a Prelude to the Golden Jubilee Celebration.
  3. The school visited a leprosy center at Surat and donated food grains, medicines to the flood affected patients.
  4. A group of teachers visited Bhachau district of Kutch and gave generous donations of food, water pouches etc to the earthquake victims.
  5. There was a social visit to the National Association of the Blind at Valsad, where the inmates were given financial donation
  6. The students from Deaf and Dumb School at Gandhigarh Kacholi were invited to the school for giving their performance . They were served with hot meals and mementos at the end of the programme.
  7. The students of tribal area of Gandevi were invited to the school. They were given meals and gifts to express our love and appreciation towards them. This programme was undertaken under the Van Bhojan Abhiyan.
  8. The school donated generous financial donation to the ‘Helpage India’ an organization working for the old people of the country and also the patients suffering from cancer.
  9. The students from a school in Palghar were invited here for a short break while they were on a journey ahead of this place. They were served with hot meals and rested for sometime before they embarked on journey ahead.