A Message from your Principal, Sr, Delphine Almeida

Greetings of the season and Happy New Year 2011

Welcome to our website. At the outset, I’d like to express my unalloyed joy and the deep honor that I feel in being able to serve as the principal of St. Joseph’s E.T. High School, Bilimora. It is a great privilege and rare opportunity to join a group of wonderful educationists with such a well-deserved and established reputation for placing the highest value on the education of its children. As principal, I aspire to maintain and strengthen our school’s achievement by continuing to foster a rich-thinking environment where students are actively involved in meaningful work.

I firmly believe that within each student is a leader, a teacher, an engineer, a scientist, an artist, a sportsman, a dramatist, an economist or a poet. Education is about empowering students to discover themselves – who they are as people – and supporting them in developing their natural curiosity and interests. We strive that our school’s education also include noticing hidden talents of every student, even the less visible ones and believing that they are capable of growing into healthy teenagers and worthy citizens of India by providing them ample opportunities to grow and develop as individuals.

We take great pride in providing lifelong learning opportunities to young people from Pre-School through High School. Although, the school is basically a catholic school run by the Franciscan Hospitaller sisters, it is open to all students irrespective of caste, creed community or religious background. Students come from a wide geographical area and diverse communities. We have dedicated and caring, staff members that are committed to help students successfully transition through their formative learning years. Currently, the strength of the school stands at 41 teachers, 1915 students and10 non teaching staff.

We offer a broad spectrum of innovative, challenging courses that broaden the horizons of students. The school has a student body that excels in academic and extracurricular endeavors, a staff committed to excellence, and a supportive parent community. Since primary school is a time of growth and exploration, students actively participate in a wide range of exploratory classes to discover their interest. Students meet with teachers, if required, for extra support. There are a multitude of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for students.

Imparting quality education to students and thereby expecting them to achieve excellence is our vision. A clear mission is, therefore, designed to achieve the vision:
  • To meet high academic expectations by challenging and engaging students with meticulous curriculum and by encouraging independent thinking;
  • To be a fair with respectful environment and enforce a basic school discipline code & policies to ensure safety for all;
  • To be a school where staff, students and parents look forward to unite and forming partnerships;
  • To work together with the community to ensure that students have the tools and virtues for life-long progress and success both in their academic and personal careers
  • To be a school where everyone is responsible for student achievement;
The culturally rich learning environment allows our students to experience and understand multiple perspectives, while at the same time valuing cultural differences. We focus on preparing our students for the global society in which they will live and work as mature and accountable adults. We value learning and our work is always centered on “what is best for our children.”

At this juncture, I am very happy to apprise you that our school will be commemorating the completion of 50 glorious years of academic excellence in 2012(Golden Jubilee). The inaugural function is scheduled on October 15, 2011 (Saturday) followed by a yearlong celebrations which will finally culminate in a mega event in October 2012. I take the opportunity to cordially invite all our ex students along with their families to grace both these historical events. I am sure everyone will be happy to cherish the memories of your schools days. Since we shall be extending a formal invitation, it’s important that we take a pre-headcount and as such would appreciate if you could kindly enroll your names prior to the 2012 function. You may contact the school office for registration details. I am sure with your support and co-operation, the function will be memorable and an all out success.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with our students and support them in their development as caring, competent, talented, and responsible citizens of our county. I want all students to feel important and to recognize that they influence what happens to and what goes on around them everyday.

Lastly, I look forward to partnering with families and the alumni in continuing to shape a safe, challenging, and nurturing school that is full of life, energy, and productivity. I hope that each student will have an enjoyable, rewarding, and positive experience at St. Joseph’s E.T. High School, Bilimora.

God Bless You

Sr. Delphine Almeida