A Message from your Principal,

Greetings of the season and Happy New Year 2020

“When planning for a year, sow corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. And when planning for life, educate a child.” - Author Anonymous.

What is education? Is it filling up the mind of a child with loads of information? Is it just learning languages and subjects? Is it just memorizing the data and parroting the lessons? What is the goal of education? Is it to become a professional in the society? Is it a means to earn money and wealth? These are the pestering questions to be asked and answered. As for me I strongly believe that attaining integral development is the goal of human being and education ideally provides one with the Overall Development which is essential for every human being. Education is a powerful weapon to achieve this great goal. Education should not be restricted just to the intellectual growth alone but instead it should be extended to the physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and the overall human development of a person. Education helps a person behave humanely and responsibly and think effectively. It teaches a person to solve problems and to face the umpteen number of challenges courageously. Learning does not mean learning just subjects like Science, Mathematics and Languages only but learning from everybody and everything. It is a never-ending process. Education also becomes a means for a successful career development and professional growth. However, education is a process of learning rather than a means of earning. Education is an instrument that enriches our thinking and empowers our living. Let us all bear the fact in our mind that no illiterate country is prosperous.

St. Joseph E.T High School, Bilimora as it stands today is the result of the hard labour of the Reverend Sisters, Teaching and Non-teaching Staff, well-wishers, friends and benefactors. As always. We will continue to impart quality education and cater to the integral development of the students under our care.

Trusting in the infinite divine goodness and banking on our talents and resources, I would like to continue my humble efforts to guide this abode of learning to ever greater heights. It is never a solitary endeavor. Together as a family of parents, students, teachers, staff, well-wishers, friends and benefactors, we have a long way ahead and many dreams to fulfill. Yes…together we can make a difference!

God Bless You